Countertop Source is the largest countertop fabricator in Southern Utah and Southern Nevada, servicing about 1/4 of the local market.

Countertop Source is conveniently located off of I-15 in the Hurricane Industrial Park.
Basic directions from I-15 are: Take exit 16 onto SR-9 and head towards Hurricane. At the first stop light make a left turn. This is the intersection where Telegraph Street meets Old Highway 91. Continue driving down Old Highway 91 for about 2 miles until you reach a large complex of red cinder block buildings on your left. At this point, you should see the signs to guide you into our showroom.

An average of 10 working days from the time we receive all final information from you; such as stone color, edge profiles, sinks, faucets, cooktop specifications, and etc.

Stone countertops are very affordable. Here at Countertop Source we price by the job, so the best way is for us to get the dimensions so we can get you a bid.
Price factors include location, material type and color, and edge style. The average price per square foot ranges anywhere from $45-100. Call today to speak with one of our friendly sales representatives.

Granite is mined from the earth. Granite is 100% natural. Its natural qualities include variables in color and veining. No two pieces of granite are alike.

Quartz is engineered stone made from a combination of crushed natural stone mixed with a resin to create countertop surfaces with more consistent colors and patterns. Quartz is 100% man made. It is stronger but more sensitive to heat and cutting.

We recommend a good dense granite or some kind of sintered stone.
Quartz is not a good option for outdoor use as the resin is very sensitive to UV light and your countertops will warp after a short time.

Why, when you have just made the investment for new countertops would you want to put something hot on it? No. Do not apply direct heat. High heat can burn quartz and make the crystals in granite explode. We recommend that you always use a trivet when placing hot pans on your countertops.

No harsh chemicals! Treat countertops like you would treat glass.
Use mild soap and water with a soft cotton cloth for daily maintenance. Clean up spills immediately. Use ammonia free Windex to keep your tops shiny and beautiful. We also offer quality quartz and granite cleaners. Click here to learn more.

Yes. Quartz is stain resistant but not stain proof. For best results, wipe up spills immediately to avoid staining.

Yes. Seams are visible and can be felt. We will analyze your countertop layout to determine the most logical seam placement. We do our best to minimize the seam and make it blend in.

Depending on the type of stone being installed, we use either a polyester resin or a polyurethane epoxy. Because of the strong smell of the glue, ventilating the area is recommended, but it is not necessary to leave your home.

We have quality stone sealers available for purchase at any of our showroom locations.
Do-it-yourself commercial stone sealers from any large department store are also a good choice and will work well.

About 20 lbs per square foot. Countertop Source invests heavily into cranes and equipment to move stone in a safe and efficient manner.

3 inches on granite, 10 inches on quartz

Absolutely! We have a large selection of popular sinks in stock, or we can order in something special for you. Or, if you have already purchased your sink, we will be able to use that as well. Talk to your sales representative for more information.

Maintain composite sinks daily with soap and water. When it is in need of a shine, apply a mineral oil based cleaner, such as Luster Pro, available at our store.

No. Although we do supply some faucets we’re not licensed and insured as plumbers. Please make contact with your plumber to reconnect your faucets after your installation day. If you need help finding a plumber we would be happy to refer you to someone in the local area.

Quality surfaces and customer service drive our company.
We specialize in having the largest stone selection in the area, as well as the most up-to-date fabrication technology, as well as knowledgeable workers. We’re simply the best.