For our Builders

We provide the following resources for our builders:

Customized builder landing pages.

Want to show your homebuyers the quartz countertop options you offer? We provide a dedicated landing page on our site to help you out. Contact us and we will set it up, no charge.

See a sample builder's landing page

LifeQuartz Catalog

Select the LifeQuartz options you want to offer your homebuyers. Your customers are invited to visit our showroom so they can see the actual slabs represented in our catalog.

Download our LifeQuartz Catalog 2021 (PDF)

Countertop Order Workbook

Learn what you need to know to place a successful order the first time:
Inside and outside corner radii standards based on material choice and edge profiles. (see chart)
Avoid install schedule conflicts with other subcontractors.
Measuring for countertops after cabinets are installed.
Stone overhangs and corbels per NSI standards.
Location of outlets with full-height and 4-inch backsplashes.
Waterfall leg outlets to code.
Faucet and fixtures made, model, location requirements.
Turn-around times: When the clock starts.
Seam placements: Issues and expectations.

Download our Countertop Order workbook 2021 (PDF)

Countertop Bid Guide

All information to complete your countertop order is entered on this form. Need a modified form that meets your specific needs? We can set that up for you.

Download our form: Countertop Order (PDF)

Sink Catalog

See the wide selection of cost-saving sink options for your homebuyers. The perfect companions to our LifeQuartz countertops.

Download our Sink Catalog (PDF)

Sink Size Specifications

Learn what you need to know to avoid any issues with sink selections:
Cabinet space tolerances.
Third-party sinks needed at out shop.
Special vessel sink requirements.

Download our Form: Sink Size Specifications (PDF)

Faucet and Fixture Hole Requirements

Avoid costly mistakes with hole fabrication by completing this form:
Faucet and fixtures made, model, location requirements.

Download our form: faucet and fixture hole requirements (PDF)