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Why Countertop Source?
We cut, shape, and polish more than stone. We shape the future of our people while creating enduring beauty for the legacy of your home. We enrich lives by building and preserving our culture, and inspiring our people to become the best versions of themselves. We just happen to create amazing surfaces
If you are interested in learning a trade that will provide you with a life-long career opportunity, contact us.

Employee of the month

JULY 2022
“Thank you for your patience with me and helping me learn and grow through my years at Countertop Source. I enjoy working with you as my boss. I admire your passion for growth and improvement in every area of your life. Thanks a lot!”
Our Dream Team
We have the best team on the planet!
The stone industry is known for being labor intensive with tight schedules and stress. We work to reduce the stress and bring fun into what we do every day. We love to celebrate each other and the progress we have made together.
Our people love what they do and have a constant desire for growth. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and serve the customer and each other. We create industry experts of our people by creating career paths for their growth. In addition, we empower our team by providing additional educational opportunities at our facility for their growth through our Countertop Source University Program.

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