Will there be seams in my countertops?

Seams in stone countertops are a fact of life. Whether or not your quartz countertops will be seamless completely depends on the size and layout of your lower kitchen cabinets. Larger kitchens can expect to have seams. Here’s what you can expect…

Stone countertop material is sold in slabs. Different stones may have different slab lengths and widths. For example, a common maximum slab dimension for granite and quartz is 125” L x 65” W. This means if your lower cabinets are longer than 125 inches in length, more than one slab will be required to cover your lower cabinets resulting in a seam. 

Some stone colors hide seams better than others. A “busy” granite color pattern will hide a seam better than a solid color stone with veining.

Our CAD team, fabricators and installers are trained experts in matching stone slabs to minimize the appearance of seams in your countertops.